The Value of Videography

Wedding planning can be an overwhelming experience. By the time you book the venue, order the dress, choose your food, and order your flowers, videography is often the service that gets cut as the budget tightens. There is no doubt that weddings can be expensive. It’s the one day that you and your fiancé get to spoil yourselves, throw a huge party, and invite all your family and friends. When you consider that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the importance of documenting the details and action throughout the day shouldn’t be overlooked.

The argument shouldn’t come down to videography vs. photography. There is no substitute for a good photographer. Unfortunately, this is a decision that many couples make and ultimately they’re the ones who lose out when it comes to recalling certain details of the day. While a photograph can capture a moment in time, it doesn’t allow you to immerse yourself in the moment.

There’s a natural soundtrack that occurs throughout your wedding day. Whether it’s the music that plays as you march down the aisle, the heartfelt vows that you announce to one another, or the roar of the crowd as your announced as husband and wife, these are details that pictures cannot capture. As time passes you’ll want to remember the jokes that your best man and maid of honor told or the tearful recollections from your parents or family.

The value of your wedding video will grow as time passes. Not only does it commemorate the day for you and your spouse, it will become and heirloom for future generations. Before you decide on not having a videographer, contact us and we will try to customize a package to better fit your budget.

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